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Here are our posts to help you learn more about pet emergencies and how to best help your pet in a crisis.

Rattlesnakes and Dogs

Here in Southern California, we are known for our abundance of hiking trails and outdoor activities, especially during spring and summer. While wildlife is always a risk factor when venturing outdoors with your dog, rattlesnakes are particularly dangerous for your pup. Rattlesnakes are found widely throughout North America and reside in various environments. Rattlesnakes can… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Endoscopies

What is endoscopy equipment? Endoscopy equipment is used for direct visualization and inspection of the gastrointestinal, urinary, and respiratory systems. Endoscopies are also used to obtain precise biopsies from the organs in these systems. It is a much less invasive procedure that can significantly aid in diagnosing an animal.  An endoscope is a long, flexible… Read more »

Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus in Dogs

Gastric dilatation and volvulus in dogs is a life-threatening condition that occurs mostly in large, deep-chested dogs. However, any dog can be affected by GDV.  How Does it Occur? In the early stages of this condition, the stomach will begin to fill with gas, commonly known as Gastric Dilatation or bloat. Sometimes, this will be… Read more »

Canine Parvovirus: Take Preventative Action

Canine Parvovirus, commonly called Parvo, is a viral infection that can infect all dogs. Mainly, puppies and specific breeds are more susceptible to the disease but all dogs are at risk for contraction despite age and breed. This disease attacks white blood cells and the gastrointestinal tract of dogs as well as other canids such… Read more »

GI Foreign Bodies In Pets

Our pet’s curiosity and playful personalities are some of our favorite parts of having them around however, this can often lead to our furry family snacking on some not-so-friendly things. If your pet ingests anything that they’re not supposed to, get them seen by a family veterinarian or take them to an emergency hospital, never… Read more »

Are You Prepared for a Pet Emergency?

Preparing for a Pet Emergency Emergencies are stressful and scary, especially when it comes to our pets. Having what you need ready to go when the unexpected happens can make a world of a difference when every second counts. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your pet has all they need… Read more »