Critical Care / Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Critical Care / Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Our Critical Care and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Horizon Veterinary Specialists is fully equipped to provide 24/7 intensive care to critically ill and injured patients.  The ICU functions as a collaborative and supportive care extension for both our Emergency and Internal Medicine Departments for hospitalized patients. The ICU is staffed by experienced and compassionate board-certified specialists and associate emergency veterinarians, ICU registered veterinary technicians (RVTs), technicians and assistants providing excellent patient care.

Why does my pet need to be seen by a critical care specialist?

  • Your pet is septic, having wide spread infection
  • Your pet seems to be in shock, from a trauma, internal bleeding, severe infection or otherwise
  • Your pet is having difficulty breathing such as with smoke inhalation, heart problems, or pneumonia
  • Your pet is post-operative or post-treatment and not doing well with its recovery
  • Your veterinarian feels intensive hospitalized patient monitoring is required
  • 24-hour in-house laboratory evaluation or oxygen therapy is needed for stabilization

If you are ever in doubt about your pet’s health, please consult with your family veterinarian. If your pet’s condition is emergent and your primary veterinarian is not available, bring your pet to our 24-hour specialty and emergency hospital.