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Fourth of July Pet Safety Guide

Why Foxtails Are Dangerous For Your Pet

One of the most common cases seen in veterinary medicine during warmer months are Foxtail Foreign Bodies. Foxtails are the common name for spiked seeds that dry out as the weather heats up.               What Are Foxtails? Foxtails are spiked seeds often found in dried, wild grasses. These seeds are… Read more »

Tick-Borne Diseases and Prevention in Dogs

With the weather warming up, we are spending more time outside with our pups! Here’s what you need to know to protect your pet from ticks and what to look for when looking for ticks or symptoms of infection. Dogs are exposed to ticks in wooded areas and tall grasses. Imagine anywhere off-trail on a… Read more »

Veterinary Technicians vs Veterinary Assistants

Both veterinary technicians and assistants play essential roles in veterinary field. They provide the necessary support to veterinarians so they are able to perform to the best of their ability. We often find confusion around who does what. Here is a break down of the difference between vet techs and assistants. Education The main difference… Read more »