Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

Imaging is the technology utilized to see what is actually going on inside your pet’s body without the need for surgery. Also known as, Diagnostic Imaging, the results found through this process provide information that allow our doctors to formulate a comprehensive and optimized treatment plan for your pet.

Our specialized ultrasound and endoscopy equipment offer minimally invasive procedures including ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration or biopsy of internal organs, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, vaginoscopy, urethrocystoscopy and rhinoscopy with endoscopic sampling (lavage, biopsy).

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Equipment for your pet

Our advanced specialty hospital offers the very best diagnostic equipment to our community.  Our advanced diagnostic imaging services include:

  • Ultrasonography
  • Digital Radiography (including timely review by board-certified radiologists)
  • Endoscopy equipment for direct visual inspection and obtaining biopsies from gastrointestinal, respiratory and urinary systems
  • Computed Tomography (CT) (including timely review by board-certified radiologists)

Access to these advanced imaging techniques, coupled with timely review by board-certified radiologists, provides our internal medicine, emergency and critical care team, to provide the best, most comprehensive care available for your pets … our patients.