Surgery can be an integral component of life-saving therapy for emergency, critically ill, oncologic and internal medicine patients.  Our board-certified emergency and critical care specialists and emergency veterinarians are educated, experienced and prepared to perform surgical procedures for pets who may be in pain and in need of a life-saving emergency surgery.

We also closely work with with the board-certified surgeons at Ventura-based veterinary surgical hospital VetSurg. They collaborate and consult on surgical cases with Horizon Veterinary Specialists when the expertise of a board-certified surgeon is needed.  When a case is critically ill and needs emergency surgery, or has the potential to become critically ill due to anesthesia and surgery, our board-certified critical care specialists administer and monitor general anesthesia and post-operative care.  This team-approach for the benefit of the patient is at the heart of our practice.

Does my pet need surgery?

Here are some signs that your pet may need to be evaluated to see if they need surgery:

  • Traumatic skin lacerations
  • Known foreign body ingestion (e.g. socks, ball, string, or rope toy) and/or acute vomiting
  • Straining to urinate
  • Emergent bladder, internal organ or soft tissue abnormalities or bleeding
  • Draining wound, abscess or other infection
  • Emergency reproductive conditions – difficulties with labor that may require c-section; infection of the uterus(pyometra), or any other difficulty with labor

If you are ever in doubt about your pet’s health, please consult with your local primary veterinarian. If your pet’s condition is emergent and your primary veterinarian is not available, bring your pet to our 24-hour specialty and emergency hospital.